«Do not produce anything but the best, and you will never experience disappointment.».
John Gregory Betancourt

The STAVROS brand symbolizes premium quality, good taste and reliability. Its history began with the production of carved decor since 2002 in St. Petersburg.

In this city, the atmosphere, history and traditions are conducive to the creation of beautiful things!

Today we are pleased to present you a stylish collection of doors that will transform and decorate any interior!

Stavros collection

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Unique design

Elegant décor

Exclusive quality

Individual approach


Unique design

Elegant décor

Exclusive quality

Individual approach


Stavros luxury interior doors

Stavros Company produces original interior doors with a base made of natural wood. The standard catalogue is contained of more than 15 models of doors, including luxurious refined classics with lush and moderate carvings, as well as modern options that will fit into any interior.

Stavros doors are combined of style, sophistication and functionality. Each model of the author’s collection is hand-assembled by masters with great attention to details and love for their work. This is a real piece of art that will emphasize the taste of the owner of the house and the luxury of the interior.

Stavros luxury doors are:

  1. Reliability. The canvases are assembled in layers, which avoid cracks and deformation after installation.
  2. Accents and quality in details. Decorative carved elements are made of solid oak and beech and are refined manually by cabinetmakers. All materials which are used in the manufacture of doors undergo strict quality control.
  3. Comfort. Competent production technology and properly selected accessories ensure comfortable operation and good sound insulation.
  4. Style and aesthetics. In addition to the external beauty the doors are nice to touch. Every time you do so you seem to confirm to yourself how luxurious your life is.

The author’s collection of Stavros doors is a worthy Russian alternative to Italian and French manufacturers.

Learn more about quality

The process of creating Stavros doors is verified to the smallest detail: design, materials, colour, texture, decorative carved elements, their location, pattern, accessories. Every detail fulfills its function and main mission — to give warmth, coziness, comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

Doors produced by Stavros Company are an exquisite part of the interior with notes of nobility and belonging to an elite status.

Each canvas is assembled in several stages according to the pie principle. Glued pine wood is used for internal filling. Then there are layers of MDF, plywood and solid beech. Further cladding depends on the selected model.

This technology ensures the strength, reliability of the door leaf and excellent sound insulation.

Door manufacturing options

All models of the standard catalogue are presented in several colour solutions. In addition to the usual shades, you can find deep emerald, dusty pink, dusty green and mustard.

In Stavros Company you can order doors of any modification based on the standard models:

  • double-leaf
  • with glass decoration
  • with ornament spraying
  • with mirror inserts
  • replacement or supplement the number of carving

You can see possible manufacturing options by clicking on the model you like.

By choosing Stavros interior doors for your home, you gain comfort, reliability and refined beauty for many years to come.