About factory

The unchanging aim of our work is the ability to create for you something truly valuable and special. Our unique long-term experience, based on participation in the restoration of cultural heritage objects, has been reflected in the production of luxury doors.

The manufacture of door leaves for private interiors is just as a priority and responsible task for us as the work of reconstructing the historical appearance of ancient palaces. There are no insignificant details neither in relation to production, nor in relation to service.

The beginning of the successful development of our company was laid in 2002. At that time, the basis of production was the manufacture of wood carvings for furniture and interiors. In 2018, we expanded the geography of our sales and exported. Today, while continuing to remain faithful to traditions, we confidently apply modern technologies in our work and create world trends. Over the entire period of our activity, we have been able to gain invaluable experience and understanding of all the subtleties of our craft.

Our clients are successful people who share true values, therefore they strive to fill their lives with sincere relationships, bright events and  high quality pieces around them.

skilled craftsmen
years of stable operation
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