“Versailles” – the personification of exquisite taste, premium door, created in the spirit of French Baroque. Baroque style symbolizes wealth and strength. It was this character that we wanted to endow this model, reflecting on its image.

Elegant, but at the same time spectacular appearance, create sophisticated decor elements. Despite the style identity, such doors will easily fit into any modern project and, of course, will become the dominant of the interior, silently emphasizing the status and solidity of its owner.

This model impresses not only with its luxurious appearance, but also with the amount of manual labor that our craftsmen put into the process of its creation. While working in our production workshops, a special atmosphere reigns: each master fulfills the task assigned to him with great dedication and love.

The unique combination of classic design with the use of latest technologies in production and decoration makes the Versailles model the real flagship of our collection of interior doors.


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